Yes, we are happy knowing that you have shown interest in our product. Actually Aabshar is a water optimizer and it saves 98% of water. It not only saves water but also saves electricity up to 60% by water pumping motor. The Aabshar Nozzle will change the way you use water and energy. The super simple installation make the change possible in a few minutes. Upgrade your regular high flow tap faucet  to extreme savings with the Aabshar Nozzle.

The Aabshar: Water Optimizer fits most taps with detachable socket for removable aerators. In the package you’ll receive different adapters that allows you to fit the Aabshar: Water Optimizer in the 2 most common tap sizes: Standard (20,8mm) and Junior (18,1mm). For further help on finding out what size tap you have, please download size guide below.

The Aabshar: Water Optimizer also be used for faucets connected to pressureless taps. Installing check valves at the hot and cold supply is recommended to prevent cross-over flow.

Please visit our website for information Aabshar.net

Yes, you can place the order online. Please visit our website Aabshar.net

As in our product the water converts into the mist particles due to which flow of water decreases and water wastage becomes less. Secondly the pressure on water pumping motor becomes less and hence it helps us in saving electricity.

It’s very easy. Even you can fit the nozzle on your own without need of any plumber. You can install Aabshar Nozzle on your current faucet within 4-5 seconds. Just follow the manual guideline step by step. Surely you will figure out how to fit the nozzle

Yes, we provide 1 year of warranty to our clients however our product is durable upto 4-5 years. 

We want you to mention your problem in which you will find issue. We will surely accommodate about it.

Yes, you can fit Aabshar Nozzle into your existing tap. There is no need to buy new taps.

It is made of food graded brass which is safe and sustainable.

No, AABSHAR nozzle is designed keeping in view the water quality of Pakistan. It will not get blocked because it sustains poor water quality.

We design and build the Aabshar:Water Optimizer line here in Pakistan out of custom parts made for us in Germany, Taiwan and Hong Kong.The Aabshar:Water Optimizer line is built in Germany, Munich by our partner that we have been working with since 2018. We regularly visit each of our factories in person to ensure an exceptional level of quality in every aspect of the operation.